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The saddle for road bike

Model name:M-Gold
The rider weight:≤120Kg


1. Lightweight and reliable - the saddle is super light and can meet the weight, load, and fatigue testing standards of most riders, in line with the ISO 4210 international standard.

2. Ergonomic design - the saddle surface is designed with an arc surface based on the trunk angle of road cycling, providing appropriate support angles and sufficient support force for the pressure points while avoiding compression of uncomfortable areas.

3. Super-large hollow design - reduces pressure on the user's perineum to the greatest extent possible, effectively reducing discomfort during long-term cycling.

4. Optimized elastic deformation design - the elastic coefficient is adjusted through different types of rider or user testing during the development stage, and the addition of Kevlar fiber layers provides sufficient elastic deformation to further enhance the comfort of the all-carbon fiber saddle.

5. Anti-slip design - the 30 holes on the saddle surface effectively reduce the sliding of the buttocks during cycling, while strengthening ventilation and perspiration. This design is particularly important when riding in hot and humid weather or rainy conditions.

Brand: MVMT

Brand Introduction: MVMT is short for "Movement", which is a self-owned sub-brand of PARDUS, aimed at researching and promoting high-quality carbon fiber bicycle accessories, as well as designing and producing high-quality bicycle components around PARDUS products. The products are divided into 4 series according to their levels: M-Gold, M-Silver, M-Dark, and M-Black.

Product Series Model: M-Gold

Weight: 65g (±3g)

Application Category: Regular road cycling saddle

Saddle Surface Specifications: Rear wing width 130mm, total length 235mm

Saddle Bow Specifications: 7mm × 9mm carbon fiber hollow bow (non-conventional cylindrical bow)

User Weight Requirement: ≤120Kg


1. Avoid collision and contact with hard or sharp objects.

2. Please choose a seat post that is compatible with the 7×9mm oval carbon fiber bow.

3. The clamping position of the seat post cannot exceed the scale line on the saddle bow.

4. Not recommended for use in off-road mountain biking.